Tired of weeding through confusing acronyms such as SSP, CPC, DMP, DFP, etc?


myAdstack puts Publishers in control quickly with our ad deployment, we decrease loss, and increase your yields. We put in the work, so you no longer have to manually adjust your ad stack ever again. We examine millions of ad impressions every day to determine which ad unit will produce the highest yield.

With myAdstack, high latency, unfair auction mechanics, long development time, and confusing line item and targeting setups are a thing of the past!


Our Ad Engine analyzes traffic profiles and demand partners and tests publishers’ website traffic for you. This profile and model gets better continuously and makes real-time decisions to help our publisher network stack the deck in their favor. Stop hard coding one network and hoping for the best. myAdstack will easily and effectively increase bid pressure by managing a highly elaborate ad stack for you. Each time an ad is displayed to a user, our technology analyzes the available ad inventory and decides which network will serve the ad with the highest CPM for you.

We put more money in your pocket than you can do yourself.

What Are the Benefits of Using myAdstack?



  • Transparency
  • Extensive Dashboard Control and Blocking
  • Zero Sales Channel conflicts


  • Negligible latency
  • Minimize interference with content
  • 100% Rich Media expandability


  • Maximum Bid Density
  • Low or Zero discrepancies
  • Low or No Ad Serving Fees
  • Zero passbacks


Our quick, responsive team can help you find out how myAdstack can help you!

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